The Peartree
Referral Program (PREP)

Designed as a win-win-win for all parties. Get cash incentives for every successful referral.

How Our Referral Program Works

01. Discover PREP

Learn the ins and outs of our PREP program. You can maximize your referrals, enhance your marketing, and increase your bottom line with us.

02. Partner with Us

We're confident you'll love our sliding scale referrals and the many benefits a partnership with us provides. It's easy to get started working with our team.

03. We Pay You

Net $250 per successful referral, plus a sliding bonus based on the number of units in the property. Explore our earnings scheme below to learn more.

T. R. U. S. T.

Peartree understands your reputation is on the line when you make a referral. We built Peartree to play in the long game and now we have over 100 doors under management. Over the years we have kept 99% our owners because of our commitment to the T.R.U.S.T principle.


We do what we say we’ll do. No excuses or waffling. In fact we often go beyond our contractual obligations to make clients feel more comfortable.


Our company is big enough to take care of business, but small enough to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies or client concerns.


We are loyal and supportive to all off our clients. We are in this business to make and maintain long term relationships, as such we look for the win-win-win not the short-term gains.

System Fairness

We have several proven systems in place to deal with issues that come smoothly and efficiently. From late payment to client/tenant disputes. We can handle them fairly and even handedly.


Everything we do is right out in the open. We keep communication open and ensure all parties are immediately notified of anything that pertains to their interests

Everybody Benefits...


  • An amazing new marketing partner
  • Cash incentive with every new referral
  • Realtor loyalty program

Your Clients

  • Amazing systems they can count on
  • Investment mindset that is solutions oriented
  • Tenants are treated as customers
  • Proactive solution building instead of reactionary

Our Team

  • A great referral network
  • A steady stream of amazing properties
  • One steppingstone closer to building great community focused property management.

Why get paid the same amount for every referral?


Our referral structure is based on the total number of units you refer to us, not the total number of clients. In addition to our base referral pay, you'll receive an additional $100 for every other unit in the property.

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