Accidental Landlord

Have you ever heard of an accidental landlord?

Have you ever heard of an accidental landlord?

Life has a funny way of changing our plans for us. Most of the time we end up changing our plans due to unforeseen events or market turns. Even if you've never planned on becoming a landlord, there's a chance that may find yourself there anyway. If so, relax. You're in the right place.

Who Are Accidental Landlords?

Simply put, an accidental landlord is anyone who becomes a landlord by accident.

This can happen if you've inherited an extra property, need to move for work but can’t or don’t want to sell your prior home or sometimes you may be forced to rent a space you formerly lived in for financial reasons. It can also happen as the result of a divorce or marital separation.

In most cases, accidental landlords own a single property and aren't interested in further investing in real estate or managing multiple rentals.

I think I am one, what now?

While becoming a landlord might seen scary at first, owning income property is a great investment. It can help diversify your portfolio, keep a steady passive income coming in, and offer you a fallback plan if you need somewhere to live in the future. It might also offer you the opportunity to pass the property on yourself, later in life.

That said, if you are unfamiliar with tenant laws, not sure how to rent out your property or for how much, how to find good tenants who will take care of your property and pay rent, you might need a little bit of help in managing this new investment. That's where we come in.

Before becoming a landlord, you might have imagined it as an easy job. Sadly, if you're going it alone, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Landlords are responsible for every aspect of property management, from upkeep to taxes, finding renters, and collecting payments and knowing the laws when things go badly and they must navigate complex situations like evictions and tenant disputes.

Thankfully, Peartree Group Property Management has the resources and the know how to handle all of these situations and more. By hiring a company like Peartree we can help you get back the time and the effort spent dealing with your rental.

At Peartree we can handle everything from advertising, bookkeeping, tenant requests, maintenance issues and all the other little details that come along with this new and unexpected investment. We can also help keep you on the right side of the law when it comes to your tenants!


Having been in business for over 10 years and with a team of dedicated professionals who not only work in property management but also own their own rental properties gives us a unique Landlord perspective which makes us a strong asset in your corner as you navigate the ins and outs of becoming a new landlord.

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