Your rental property was an investment.
So is your property management.

Peatree Group Property Management is committed to serving our owners as affordably as possible, PERIOD!!

We understand in today’s challenging finical situation many owners look at property management as an expense and not an asset. However, a professional property management team is a smart investment decision. A well maintained and managed building will continue to give its owners returns year over year.

It is our primary job to grow your investment. Without a good plan and a good team to implement the plan your investment will quickly deteriorate costing you thousands in lost revenue and equity.

Our experienced knowledgeable staff provide a premium property management services to ensure your units are always performing at their best.

Do you want to leave the success of your investment in the hands of the lowest bidder??

To discuss putting your rental building back on track contact us today.

Investment Details

***For a list of all our standard services please visit to our Premium Property Management Services page