Types of investments

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 Joint ventures

Joint ventures are an excellent option if you have little to no experience or the desire to purchase an investment property to be able to invest in real-estate through a joint venture, you can partner with Peartree to grow your investment bigger and faster. We’ll do all the legwork while you collect your returns.


 Rent-to-Own opportunities

Looking for a short term option for your investment dollars? Our Rent-To-Own program has a commitment level of only 3 to 5 years. You can still earn above average returns while feeling secure that your principal investment is only locked in for a short term. With Peartree’s rent-to-own system we take care of finding the rent-to-own tenants, the screening and approval process as well as working with the selected tenants throughout the length of the term. All you have to think about is how you’ll spend your return.


 RRSP fund investments

Want to invest but don’t think you have the money? Did you know you can use the money within your RRSPs to finance a Canadian real estate property purchase without taking a penny out of your RRSPs? Imagine, earning as much or more then the banks to put your RRSP portfolio back on track.